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Finding the most recent date for one person

I work at an University and we are trying out smartsheet for keeping a log of when instructors have taught. In one sheet I have a column for the start date of the course, the end date, the name of the course and the instructors name. 


I am wondering if there is a way to pull the most recent date that an instructor has taught for a course? I know how to pull a report but I cannot figure out if there is a way to only do the most recent date. Right now I have a report pulling the course, intructor, start date and end date. With this it is giving me every course that that instructor has taught. It works but I would love to be able to link the most recent date to another sheet. The way I have it now I just have to do it manually. 


Or is there a way to do a formula? I have figured out how to do the formula in excel, however the formula is an array formula which does not seem to work in Smart Sheet. Is there maybe just a different key combination to make an array formula work? For excel you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter for the formula to register. 


Thank you!



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    How is your sheet set up? Are your instructor names grouped together? If so, the MAX() function can show the latest date. for each group/instructor. 


    If you are using reports, you can sort by the End Date column, which can show the latest date at the top of the report. Depending on how many entries you have, another option is to highlight all the dates in the End Date column, then look at the bottom right of the report which will show automatic calculations, including a MAX date. 

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