Using a sheet to assign a project number

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We use google docs currently for our company to input data about clients, and be assigned a specific project number. We have ~30 employees in the project book pulling these file numbers at any given time, so we like the transparency of seeing who is on what line, so as not to overwrite their data. We then take that project number and use it in multiple locations: profit/loss statements, onsite schedules, CRM, our accounting database, and more.

There is a screenshot of what it currently looks like. 

We are trying to migrate it to Smartsheet, however we are running into the "whomever saved last wins" problem. If (2) people pull the same file #, or are not being cautious with saving, we have run into issues with the same file #s being assigned to different groups. This is a huge issue for our work flow, as it affects several departments. 

Is there a good solution here to receive an assigned file number? We looked into doing forms, but have not found a way for the form to be smart enough to auto assign a number back to the requestor. 

Any ideas or input would be appreciated!

project book - google doc.PNG


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You could use a form along with an Auto-Number column type.


    Have a required field where the submitter has to enter their email address. Once they submit their form, the auto-number column will assign a number as each row is added (form is submitted). You could then send an Automated Alert for "Right Away". Using placeholders in the title and message body and having it send to the user in the "Submitter" column (where their email is populated) will send the submitter an Alert email in which you can use the placeholders to let them know the project number along with some of the info from their submission almost as a customized confirmation email.