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I have just set up my sheet to send slack notifications whenever the status of a task is changed. So for example I have two columns, one is for tasks and the other is status (of the tasks). So an example would be:

"World domination" I "In Progress"

Now say I conqure planet earth and want to move on to building my evil Moon base in preparation for galactic expansion, I would update it it so it now says:

"World domination" I "Complete"

So now my henchmen / minions will all get notified on Slack because I've set it up so that changing the Status cell from "Not started" to "Complete" sends an immediate notification.

The problem is that I only get a notification saying:



But the issue here is that there is no context to what has actually been completed and with over a 100 tasks on my sheet, it's not providing much help.

Thanks in advance :)


  • Alejandra
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    Thanks for brightening my day with your humor! Alerts will provide different information based on whether one or multiple rows have been added or updated. I tested this on my end and received a notification that includes the task name when a single row was added or updated.

    If you’re updating single rows and only receive “Status Complete”, then it would help to see how you’ve set up your alert and whether or not “World domination” resides in the Primary Column (like mine does). If needed, more information on this can be found in our help article:

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    Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response. It took a while for my post to appear on the site so I just assumed it might have not been approved or something and then I totally forgot about it smiley

    The result you had was basically the same as what I get when I set it up myself.

    I think the problem I have is that I would like to also include the parents of that task.

    So attached is an example that's a little more grounded in reality (that was my way of dealing with an NDA on my project but I'm glad me going off the deep end brightened someone's day wink ).

    This is for a film I'm working on. If you look at where it says Add Assets > Robot, if I then change that to complete (as in when the robot model has been added to my project and that job is done), I want it to then send a notification saying that the robot has been added. The thing is it also needs to say which shot it has been added to (COG_MCB_003). At the moment though it just says:


    "Complete" on Slack there is no way of knowing which shot the robot model has been added to.

    Any thoughts on how I might resolve this?

    Cheers :)



  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Kraig,

    I haven't tried to use placeholders with Slack, so I don't know if it works but that might be an option. Another option could be to use the JOIN function to put together the information you need in another column.

    Would any of those options work?

    Have a fantastic week!


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