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Round the clock schedule

Carlos Macedo
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


when planning / executing big IT application cutover or implementation, which sometimes can span for 1 week, the involved teams will work in shifts in a 24 7 schedule. 


To track all this work and its dependencies, a detailed schedule is created including start date, start time, finish date and finish time with time breaken down to hours and minutes.


When the subsequent task has a FS dependency with the previous one, the sheet should automaticaly calculate the subsequent task start date and time accordingly (also considering any lags included - again lags should also be expressed in min or hrs).


Could you please advise if such functionality has already been incorporated or the plans to incorporate ir? I'd really love to use smartsheet on such large applications implementations! 


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Carlos, yes this is possible with dependencies and predecessors. 


    Check out this Help Center article on these features: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/en/portal/articles/765727-enabling-dependencies-using-predecessors


    By default, work days are 8 hours but you can change this to 24 hours or keep it at your normal work day length and use elapsed time to schedule tasks that run 24 hours a day. 


    From this Help Center article


    "Elapsed time (lead with an e to indicate duration in elapsed time e.g. e3d, e5h, e3.5d, etc). A task with a duration in elapsed time ignores non-working time. The task will start and end in the amount of time specified regardless of working day length and non-working days in the sheet."

  • Thanks Travis, 

    In one hand it is good to know that the functionality for coputing time is there.


    On the other hand, seems like it can not be displayed (start time / finish time) for each task, which does not help much from a cutover window planning perspective.


    Please let me know when this enhancement will be implemented.




  • This is a major blocker. My agency would like to hyperlink SmartSheet to a SharePoint location but I receive the invalid URL message when doing so. However, I cannot store these documents on a public cloud, as it would be a privacy violation. Please help. Has a workaround been developed for this?  

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