Dynamic View - Email defaults to owner of view

norma.gomez ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We have recently transitioned all of our forms used to make requests into dynamic view. We have an alert set up with the sheet linked to dynamic view to email my team members whenever someone submits a request through dynamic view. In this email, we have noticed that 'changes made by' always reads my email (rather than the person who actually submitted the request through dynamic view). I am assuming this is the case because I created the view. I was wondering if there is way to change this field in the email to auto-populate with the requester's name? The 'changes made by' field is not an option in the Alerts and Actions tool. 

Dynamic View Email.JPG


  • Awesome question!  I have the same obstacle to overcome (I have received responses from clients clicking on my email address link).  Perhaps you may want to create a separate account, such as info@companyurl...

    Related, we didn't like the Confirmation email to come from "my name via Smartsheet <user@smartsheet.com>", so I actually changed my name to the name of the company.  At least now it says "our company name via Smartsheet".