New Smartsheet Solution Category: Project Management

Hi Smartsheet Community,


We’re excited to announce the release of our new Project Management Solutions! The Project Management Solutions includes 5 categories, each with a bundle of templates and a detailed how-to guide based on best practices from experienced project managers. Take a look at the different categories we have available:


Project & Task Management - Manage any kind of project, from simple to-do lists to complex projects.

Project Portfolio Rollup - Effortlessly roll up key project information like status, progress, risk and timelines, so your project stakeholders have a real-time window into activity.

Program Management Office - Implement a world class PMO to help maximize the chances of project success.

PMO Core Functions - Establish key PMO functions for things like change and risk management.

Knowledge Management - Capture, organize and centralize program resources to turn project learnings into organizational assets.


We hope you find these a valuable resource as you continue to explore the power of Smartsheet. If you have any questions about the solutions feel free to reply in a comment below. For information on implementing one of our solutions in your organization, please email us at [email protected].





P.S. Be on the lookout for future solution announcements in the coming weeks!


  • Carl Thomsen
    edited 12/03/15


    I have a growing construction company. I use smartsheet to schedule jobs. It is great to get a company overview.  But now I need to get more detailed and schedule individual employees to different jobs on different days - workforce scheduling, I guess. Does SS have a solution ?


  • Tyler Marquardt
    edited 12/03/15

    Hi Carl, 

    We are busy working on industry specifc solutions, construction being a priority. However, for now I think you could get a lot of value from the Project Portfolio Rollup solution. It should help you manage different projects, and roll up that data into master reports. You could even customize it to include individual employee reports to ensure they arn't double booked and have full schedules. 


    If you need more information, please email [email protected] and we can get you information on additional getting started resources. 



  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni
    edited 10/07/16

    Hi Tyler - I have looked at the Project Portfolio Information linked above, but I can't find additional templates or the guide.  Is this something that is a separate package and not in the standard Smartsheet solution?  We are evaluating SS for a large portfolio of projects and this could save us a lot of time in terms of start up.