Holidays for 2019 not working

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The holidays that I have entered for 2018 have always worked fine in calculating durations for tasks. As I program tasks for 2019, I am noticing that the holidays are not being accounted for. Christmas (12/24 and 12/25) for 2018 work fine, but after that they are no longer accounted for.

Here is the list of dates that I have entered in the system:

01/01/18, 02/19/18, 03/30/18, 05/28/18, 07/04/18, 09/03/18, 11/22/18, 11/23/18, 12/24/18, 12/25/18, 01/01/19, 02/18/19, 04/19/19, 05/27/19, 07/04/19, 07/05/19, 09/02/19, 11/28/19, 11/29/19, 12/25/19




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    Thanks for your post! It sounds like holidays entered in the Project Settings > Working Days > Non-Working Days (holidays, exceptions) are not automatically adjusting or excluding themselves from your task dates and duration. I copied the dates you entered above into my own test project sheet using Copy and Paste and was unable to reproduce the unexpected behavior; 2019 holidays were correctly taken into account by my project sheet. In the below screenshot, you can see that the dependencies automatically push out the start date of any task that would otherwise begin on a holiday or weekend.

    Some things you can check:

    • In the Project Settings, ensure that the Start date column and End date column are mapped to the correct columns in your sheet. If you have more than two date columns, they may be mapped incorrectly
    • Ensure that the the affected tasks have predecessors defined.
    • If the affected tasks do not have predecessors defined, it's possible to enter the start or end date of the task to occur on a holiday or weekend.

    Some additional troubleshooting steps and workarounds you can try:

    If the issue doesn't get resolved, then I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team at with a description of your issue, screenshots of the affected rows in your Gantt Chart, and a link to this post. 

    Kind regards,

    Isaac J


    2019 holiday gantt.PNG

  • Hello, my company just experienced this same problem (account wide), and I have an alternate solution to try.

    Non-working days can be set at either the account level or the sheet level. Normally, we use the account-wide level. However, we had created some project templates in 2018, prior to entering 2019 holidays at the account-wide level. The template stored those dates at the sheet level, and it turns out when we were using the templates to create new projects, it was populating the holiday dates from the template sheet level, rather than the account level. So none of our new sheets based on those templates were getting the non-working days that we entered after the template was created.

    Solution: manually fix any sheets already created by setting dates at the sheet level, and then go and recreate the templates so they have the new dates.

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    Excellent advice!

    Thanks for sharing!

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