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Assigning new users to groups

11/30/15 Edited 12/09/19

I used to be able to assign new users to groups when I created their account. Something seems to have changed, and now I can't assign them until they've accepted their invitation. Any ideas? It's a pain for them to contact me once they've logged in for the first time so that I can then assign them to the appropriate groups (meaning they can't get to work right away). Not sure why I can't fully provision at one time  anymore. 


Any help would be great!





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    Anyone have feedback on this? Did functionality change, or did I change something that made this break? 



  • TravisTravis Employee

    Hi Sarah, the functionality has not changed in that the default behavior is that anyone can be added to a group.


    I checked the settings for your account and see an option was set about two weeks ago to only allow members of your account to be added to groups. 


    A SysAdmin can change this setting back to allow any user to be added to a group by going to Account > Account Admin Security Controls > Group Membership Options > Edit > Default: Account Users and External Contacts


    Let me know if you have any questions about this!

  • Awesome. Thank you! 

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