Change Links in @ Mentions and Alerts/Notifications

Markus McKay-Fleisch
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi there,

Checking to see if this is a feature before I submit a Product Enhancement Request. When our users get an @ mention in a comment or manipulate certain columns via reports Smartsheet kicks off some automated e-mails based on the users preferences. In those e-mails are links to the sheet where the comment was made or the data was changed.

We're looking for a way to change that link. We don't want to link to the sheet where the change or comment was made. We'd prefer to link to the edit form (like a row update request) or even customize the link to go somewhere else (dashboard or report).

I didn't see any way to change the link in the notification e-mails for @ mentions or in the alert rules (see screenshot). Is there a way to do that?