Exclusion Formula for Sum/Count

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to get a total of my "Forecasted Amount" column which should include the following stages "0-Lead"+"2 - Qualified"+"3 - Proposal"+ "4 - Final (EL)"+"5 - Win".  

Currenly I have it set up to only not include the "6 - Lost" with this formula:

=SUMIFS(CHILDREN([Forecasted Amount]52), CHILDREN([Referral 1/Critical]52), Stage8, CHILDREN(Stage52), @cell <> "6 - Lost") 


Is there a way to either get it to also not include (<>) "1 - Unqualified", "7 - Inactive" and "8 - Hold" as well?


OR a formula for it to add the above amounts? 



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