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Setting up incoming payments.

M. D. Flett
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I see so much potential for this product in my small business and I'm really excited to try and find a solution for my issue. I have have a business with approximately 650 clients. Most of my clients are on a payment schedule (some weekly, some bi weekly and some monthly). I'm trying to figure out how to keep each clients payment schedule (due date, amount due, amount paid and balance). within the client master sheet and not make a seperate sheet for each client's payments. I don't think that would be very practical.  


In a perfect world, it would be set up in a heirarchy, click on the client's name and their payment history shows. Obviously the problem there is, the rows under the parent row can't display differnent colum names and vailue. 


Any ideas? 


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I would suggest that you create a report for each of your clients, however with that many clients it would require 650 different reports.  However once set up each report would contain only the columns you want and the lines specified by the criteria.


    An alernative is just to filter on Client name and  then perhaps due date is >>>>?


    This may be quicker and keep you going till you create the reports.

  • Kara Lumley


    I have a few ideas - please see this template I created called Payment Schedule.

    For each client, check the box indicating when they pay. A formula in the column "Next Payment Due" will calculate the next payment date. Insert Amount Paid and Amount Due, and Reminaing Balace will automatically be calculated. You can view payment history by right-clicking on a cell and selecting "View History".

    Take this sheet a step further - create and keep track of invoices for each client by using our Google Doc integration.

    I hope this helps!



  • James' and Kara's synergise well.

    I guess you can add invoice dates in a column + I would rather type in the number of days related to the payment term, therefore it would be easy to monitor due dates in a 3rd column and turn them red when time has elapsed.


    Re. client history, sort it out with filters.

    This will free the hierarchy to give it to chronologically list invoices, typically the latest at the top.

    With filters anyway (or a report), you can view only those that are pending.

  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I like karas template, however I would go with a Drop down with only one column needsed.  The benifits would be:

    Less columns (650 clients means an extra 1300 cells min being used could impact on performance)

    If you had t add a different payment period simple add it to the Dropdown and ammend the Calculation rather than Inserting yet another column and still needing to ammend tha calculation.


    I also like the ref to Merge with Google docks.  I see this an a very powerful tool and we have used it for one of our customers very sucessfully.

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