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shift project dates globally


I've created a schedule but now need to move the dates back globally by about 2 months. In another scheduler I use you can simply globally adjust dates + or - as you need - very convenient when the start date isn't nailed down yet. I don't have all the fancy dependencies set up - I haven't grown that far with setting it up. So yes, all I want to do is move all dates globally - should be a simple thing? My worst fear is to have to adjust everything one at a time. Hopefully not.


  • Joel Johnson

    One way I have dealt with this is by making an additional column, make it a date type column.  In this cell you can add 60 days to the start date you were wanting to change.  use an equation like "=Start1 + 60".  Copy this equation down to every cell, and you now have your new dates on the whole sheet.


    To put those dates back into the start column copy the new column, and do a past special to paste just the values not the formulas into the start date column.


    Hope that helps.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good suggestion Joel! The best option is to set up dependencies between your tasks using predecessors. Once this is set up, you can quickly adjust the dates throughout your project. This will take a little bit of time for the initial setup but will do what you are looking to do. If you would rather not use dependencies, then Joel's suggestion will work well! 

  • Fantastic! Thanks for your help, guys!

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