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Shawn R
Shawn R
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Can someone please explain to me the reason for removing the sheet tabs and changing it to what we currently have now? I understand changes that are less user-friendly up front if they provide an overall better experience or increases the functionality and capabilities of a program. However, in this case I see absolutely none. Perhaps it’s on the backend?

I have been working on/with computers for roughly 20 years now and almost every program that uses multiple pages of itself uses the tab feature. All browsers, Excel…..etc. There is a reason for this, it works…..very, very well! I feel as Smartsheet made this change to be hip, cool, sleek when in reality they moved from a well established finely tuned design to this abhorrent…..thing. You are reinventing the wheel here, guys...and you are making it square.

I’m not here to add ammo to the UI bashing, I am seriously inquiring as to WHY this change was made. Why move from a widely used almost perfect functionality and replace it with something that is seemingly so haphazard?


  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I think they made this change so that they could have a way to provide easier access to direct links for sheets.  Currently that is more difficult.

    Also, with the old config if you tried to use two tabs within the same browser then refreshing all tabs would click all your tabs to the same sheet - even if you had used the multiple tabs to show different sheets.

    I can understand some of why they did it, but I'm also not a fan of the new layout... yet.  If they could just add the ability to pin the navigation tab to the left window so that I don't have to pass through favorites every time I want to get to my list of workspaces, I would be happy.

  • Shawn R

    I can agree with that suggestion. I'd also prefer the navigation tab to default to my favorites rather than recently opened. If I go to my sheet folder to open a less used sheet for a quick change or addition and then open the navigation window it defaults to recently opened. It works to get back to the sheet I was working in but I'd prefer it to stay on favorites as I have the ability to organize that in a similar fashion to the way I had my tabs.

  • Just Jean

    I agree with Shawn. The last two UI redesigns have not improved productivity at all. In fact, they both have created confusion among our users. Please roll back the UI and then leave it alone.