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Smartsheet Navigation

Monika Vermeulen
Monika Vermeulen ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have always found navigating between sheets a bit cumbersome. I have several workspaces and lots of sheets.

Currently the fastest way to find a sheet is to do a search. The favourites is a neat idea but I usually gave to navigate out of my current sheet to the home tab and then again to the favourites tab.

What would be so much better is if there was a quick link to favourites or even a drop down for favourites or recent. This would speed up getting around quite significantly.


  • Hi Monika,

    I believe we may face a similar issue, triggering my post "Accessing sheets from several folders of the Home tab?"

    At least can you save the hassle of going back and from the Home tab thanks to shortcut. When in the app, press  CTRL + / which will let you search for and open any sheet you own or are shared to.

  • Robin Sherwood
    Robin Sherwood Employee
    edited 03/27/15

    I like the idea of a "Favorites" menu at the top. I'm also wondering how valuable you find the tabs for all the open sheets? I tend to leave lots of sheets open, and then navigate via the tabs and ellipsis menu but it can be confusing. One of the ideas we have talked about from a navigation standpoint is to get rid of the tabs and the ellipsis menu and have a Favorites/Recent menu instead.

    I’m also wondering, how many sheets/folders/workspaces your organizations have. At Smartsheet we have hundreds so navigating the folder tree can be challenging. I tend to search for sheets as well.

  • Monika Vermeulen
    Monika Vermeulen ✭✭✭
    edited 03/02/15

    Hi Robyn. We use quite a lot of sheets and reports as well. At least 10 of them almost daily. I have about 15 saved to favourites. A recent menu would be fantastic, but I would love it if there were more than the last 5 as I tend to have to search for my sheet anyway as the one I'm looking for is usually not listed on the mobile ap.a favourites feature for the mobile ap would be great too.

  • John Freund
    edited 10/05/15

    I tend to have a lot of sheets open at the top and they become hard to find as they are not in any particular order.

    What I would like to see is the ability to create folders at the top where the sheets show up and then save sheets in those folders.  When you click the folder it would drop down the sheets in that folder.

    So you could have 1 or more folders at the top and then also just have individual sheets if wanted.

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