Nested IF Statement with RYGB Balls

12/20/18 Edited 12/09/19

Hi, I'm trying to setup a nested IF statement to do the following:

If DONE is checked then change the Status to Blue.

If Due Date is more than 8 days out then make it Green.

If Due Date is 7 days or less then make it Yellow.

If Due Date is TODAY or in the past make it Red.

This is what I have so far but it is not working.

=IF(Done1 = 1, "Blue", IF([Due Date]1 <> =TODAY(-7), "Green", IF([Due Date]1 > TODAY(-8), "Yellow", IF([Due Date]1 >= TODAY(0), "Red"))))

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Brian WBrian W
    edited 12/20/18

    You’re almost there, but your calculations are just a little off. Try this:

    =IF(Done1 = 1, "Blue", IF([Due Date]1 > TODAY(8), "Green", IF([Due Date]1 > TODAY(), "Yellow", "Red")))

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