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c# Form submitting row to sheet via API 2.0.x


I am using our website to submit froms to Smartsheet and am having dificulty following the C# explanations in the API documentation.  The first is a simple form with Date Submitted, First Name, Last Name and Email (formulated Date, Text/Number, Text/Number, Text/Number respectively).  I have not even added the variables in but Visual Studio is not recognizing sheetId (sqiggly red underscore in last line).  Anyone know how to rectify this?





  • Maaik Meijerink
    Maaik Meijerink ✭✭✭✭✭



    C# is Casesensitive. Try sheetID in stead of sheetId. Exactly as you defined  it earlier.

  • Just to recap: We had moved to the API 2 and we are using the following code to submit a single row via the codebehind in C#. (we had also installed smartsheet-csharp-sdk as a NuGet Solution in Visual Studio)


            protected void SendRowToSmartsheet() {
                string smartsheetAPIToken = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SWTCSmartsheetToken"];
                Token token = new Token();
                token.AccessToken = smartsheetAPIToken;
                // Use the Smartsheet Builder to create an instance of SmartsheetClient
                SmartsheetClient smartsheet = new SmartsheetBuilder().SetAccessToken(token.AccessToken).Build();

                // Get all columns (omit 'include' parameter and pagination parameters).
                smartsheet.SheetResources.ColumnResources.ListColumns(73123464072xxxxx, null, null);
                // Specify cell values for first row.
                Cell[] cellsA = new Cell[] {
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(17217962705xxxxx, DateTime.Now).Build(),
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(2653362358xxxxx, name.Text).Build(),
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(73338073857xxxxx, whomComplaint.Text).Build(),
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(73338073857xxxxx, phone.Text).Build(),
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(17043078515xxxxx, email.Text).Build(),
                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(84597072926xxxxx, issue.Text).Build()
                // Specify contents of first row.
                Row rowA = new Row.AddRowBuilder(true, null, null, null, null).SetCells(cellsA).Build();
                // Add rows to sheet.
                smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(73123464072xxxxx, new Row[] {rowA

  • Tyler Robertson
    edited 08/22/17

    ** nevermind** this works fine. Just make sure you haven't added, oh, hundreds of blank rows first. 

  • How can add multiple rows at a time.Right now with

    smartSheets.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(Id, new Row[] { rowsToUpdate });, I can only add a single row at a time to the sheet.If I have a list of rows how do I add it?

  • Erik Beltran

    i am looking for a similar sample too (add multiple rows). If anyone has something to share would be highly appreciated

    If i come up with a better solution i will update this post at a later time

  • You can enter in many rows if needed, and even add rows to multiple sheets!

    Once you've added the first row:

     Cell[] cellsA = new Cell[] {

                    //new Cell.AddCellBuilder(5149002225xxxxx, DateTime.Now).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(289720241xxxxx, name.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(740080203xxxxx, phone.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(177130250xxxxx, email.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(852670194xxxxx, message.Text).Build()


                // Specify contents of first row.

                Row rowA = new Row.AddRowBuilder(true, null, null, null, null).SetCells(cellsA).Build();

                // Add rows to sheet.

                smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(2729671298xxxxx, new Row[] {rowA});

    You can add others (and even use variables for the column and sheet IDs):

    Cell[] cellsB = new Cell[] {

                    //new Cell.AddCellBuilder(DateTimeID, DateTime.Now).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(nameID, name.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(phoneID, phone.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(emailID, email.Text).Build(),

                    new Cell.AddCellBuilder(messageID, message.Text).Build()


                // Specify contents of first row.

                Row rowB = new Row.AddRowBuilder(true, null, null, null, null).SetCells(cellsB).Build();

                // Add rows to sheet.

                smartsheet.SheetResources.RowResources.AddRows(sheetID, new Row[] { rowB });

    We used a case statement above our putting together rowB, C, D, ... to declare the different column and sheet IDs.


  • You could also set this up in a loop for entering in multiple rows.  You would just iterate through an array setting the variables to the next group of data and submitting to the sheet.

  • If you have your data in an array, you could use a while loop to iterate through the array and submit multiple rows to the sheet that way. I replied to the previous comment about a way to submit multiple rows.

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