So...What's On The Development Horizon For SmartSheet???

Michael R.
Michael R. ✭✭
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I have a lot invested in SmartSheet with my internal workflows and even client's. I have to know that there are REAL improvements and features coming out to STAY with SmartSheet. Beyond CardView, multi-contacts (negligible implementation) and a lot of UI cosmetic changes that were a mixed bag, not much has improved my day-to-day workflow. Is there anything to get excited about for 2019? Here are a few things that would help.

  1. More robust and improved reports w styling, filtering and parent rows.
  2. Freeze rows and columns
  3. Resource management that is actually useful!!
  4. Better Calendar functionality (and styling)
  5. More styling customization (clients easily get wowed by other more modern-looking platforms but that have worse functionality)

I'd at least like to know what is the roadmap for SmartSheet. And yes, I've added these requests here.

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  • Mike L.
    Mike L. ✭✭✭

    In my mind reports are just data queries.  Rather than adding styling to reports I would prefer to see presentation tools that can point to (multiple) reports as a data source. I work in a place where our only tool mixes business logic with the presentation elements.  Business logic is in queries, variables, design elements, ... it is a nightmare. 

    Improvements that are top on my list are: 

    1) Tools for managing sharing (permissions.  Right now the more your system (dashboards/reports/sheets) grows the more time you need to spend managing sharing. 

    2) Ability to lock rows and columns in a sheet but exclude specific columns or rows.  This would protect your original data from changes but allow you to keep open additional fields that might be used to "manage" the data in a specific row. Right now I add a monthly data file to a workspace with then is automatically incorporated into reports that project members can use.  To prevent changes to the original data I lock those columns but there are a few columns open to edit such as "assigned to", "status", "done" (checkbox).  But a project member can still accidentally delete or add rows of data because the rows are not locked.  If I lock the rows than nothing can be assigned, status can't be updated, things can't be marked as complete.  Perhaps as a new user I'm just uninformed of proper design but I think this is a system problem. 

    3) Limited "free" use of apps (Pivot, calendar, etc).  Allow us use these tools on a limited basis (5 pivots and 1 calendar) to show our supervisors what we can do with the tools to "prove" the value of the added expense.  Our smartsheet license is managed but the enterprise IT group who may be more focused data security, rack servers, etc but not data analytics. 

    4) Better integration with BOX.  This is likely more to do with Box tools than smartsheet but like i stated before this is top on my list. 


  • Mike L.
    Mike L. ✭✭✭

    5) Speed improvements:  Smartsheet is fast enough for my work but whenever I demo something to senior management loading a report always seems to show the revolving page loading icon.  This pause is met with a lot of eye rolling and it's basically game over before we can even look at what smartsheet can do.  

  • This is a very good idea > 3) Limited "free" use of apps (Pivot, calendar, etc). 

  • (4) Better calendar functionality.  2hr in gantt view takes up entire day in calendar view.  Also can't sort by persons assigned tasks.  Makes it hard to use as a personnel management tool.