Automated Monthly Alerts

Dean Lewis, PMP, PG
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Alert Trigger

I would like to send an "alert" each month on the 14th for rows in a sheet.  I would prefer not to update/maintain this each month or year but just have it automatically go each month.

I created a data column called Today using formula =Today() to return the current date and a text/number column called Trigger Day with formula =DAY(Today1) to return the day of the month as a number from the Today column.

I thought I could use the "send on date" Alert based on a date column Today with condition of when Trigger Day = 14.  See screenshot. 

This does not seem to be working.  Suggestions?

Do you need to access/save the sheet to activate the "Today()" calculation? or is that occurring automatically in background?

Including Attachments

Also would like to send attachments along with this Alert but that looks like it only happens for any attachments that were updated or changed.  If no changes then the attachments don't send.