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Garmon D
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I'm trying to use the Smartsheet integration with Microsoft Teams, but every time I do, the following message appears:

Authorization Unsuccessful

Authentication request has expired

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You can now close this window


I've removed and re-added the app from within teams but get the same message - any thoughts?





  • Nathan Lloyd

    Hi Garmon,

    The issue you're seeing with the Microsoft Teams Integration can normally be resolved by following the steps outlined in the "Uninstall Smartsheet Bot Integration" section of the Help Center Article below:

    The steps you'll want to take from the article are:

    In Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile):

    1. Type “unregister” in a direct message to the Smartsheet bot.
    2. The bot will confirm that you’ve successfully unregistered and will no longer send direct messages to you.

    In Smartsheet:

    1. Click on your Profile image in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window.
    2. Select Apps & Integrations.
    3. A window appears with a list of all integrations that are connected to your Smartsheet account.
    4. Locate the Microsoft Teams (Direct Messages) integration listing in the apps list and click Revoke.

    Once you have revoked the Access Token in your Smartsheet account, you can go through the steps outline in the "Add a Smartsheet Item as a Tab" section from the above article to attempt a successful connection with the Teams integration.

    If you've already gone through these steps and find you are still unable to successfully use the Microsoft Teams integration, please submit a ticket to Smartsheet Support at so we can assist you further.

    Kind regards,

    Nathan L.

    Smartsheet Support