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Web Form Linked to Multiple Smartsheets

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I was wondering if it is possible to create a web form that is linked to multiple smartsheets.


I am working on a project for a friend. He is doing some research, and wants to know what things people have tried out and have ratings for these (multiple items on the one form with ratings for each, under each item). To make it easier for the person filling in the webform, we decided it would be great to have the item already listed with the ratings and other fields underneath (we did this using the Heading/Description field). 


However, when the person fills out the form, we cannot work out what ratings are for what item since these are not preselected by the person filling out the form!


Is there any way you can either preselect an item for them so that it shows in the smartsheet next to the correct ratings or else have one webform linked to multiple smarthsheets (with the last option, we would be able to make a smartsheet per item, but have the one webform).


Appreciate your help!





  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 01/15/16

    BJW,  are you asking to show data in the web form based on their selection? So if they select Item A they see the rating for Item A?


    While you can add default values for web forms, they cannot take existing data from sheets or change based on what they have selected. 

  • BJW
    edited 01/17/16

    No - sorry i meant that he wants them to rate on different items.

    We would be setting up around 4 smartsheets for different categories.

    So under Category A there would be say 6 items. Each of these items has approximately 3 different types of questions that the person would rate in a series of web form fields (e.g. client satisfaction, difficulty to produce, etc...).


    We want to know if it is possible to be able to preselect these items for the person filling out the form, or have the one form linked to multiple smartsheets. At the moment, when the person gives a rating we cannot work out which item it is for. We tried to make it clear by having the item listed as heading (we did this from the heading/description field), however you cannot see in the actual smartsheet the item name.


    We don't want to have a webform per item, as this would mean there would be far too many links to send to people. so we decided we would categorise all the items, and have a webform that people could rate each item for one particular category (maximum of 4 links)


    Our Form Is Basically Like This:






    Item Rating 1 (Dropdown)


    Item Rating 2 (Dropdown)




    Item Rating 1 (dropdown)


    Item Rating 2 (dropdown)



    So, is it possible to have the one form linked to a number of smartsheets (one webform linked to a smartsheet for each item), or is possible to have the preselected items for the person (i would imagine this would still show on the form as a dropdown but it would be pre-filled??? How do you do this?)



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 01/18/16

    To answer your questions:


    "is it possible to have the one form linked to a number of smartsheets" - No, a single web form can only feed data to a single sheet but there are integrations that can copy data from one sheet to another when a form is submitted (Zapier). 


    "is possible to have the preselected items for the person" - Yes, any field (including a Dropdown list) can have a default value. This can be set up in the form edit menu.


    You mention you are struggling with a way to determine which item was rated. Could you change the column name to the item (you can always have a custom label for the form). Or have a separate column where you identify the rated item? 

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Also, it sounds like you should know that items in the WebForm do not have to be displayed. This might help to know "... when the person gives a rating we cannot work out which item it is for."

    If I understand the problem correctly.


    Hope this helps.




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