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Fixed duration in the Gantt chart

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi all,


I'm evaluating duration time of every tasks. In the sheet, I set a duration time, a start date and the end date is adjusted accordly. If I want to change the start date, the end date will be updated and vice-versa. It's fine.


However, in the Gantt chart, when I'm touch a gantt bar to change the task start, it's really easy that I will change the task duration in opposite of the task start/end time, that is what I want. It's a trouble, because the duration was calculated after a specification of the task and an evaluation of the proposed solution, so it should be fixed and not so easy to edit for a mistake.


Can I do something to fix the duration time in a way that if someone want to use the gantt chart to move the start time of the task, the duration will be mantained?





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good question - there is not a way to prevent users from adjusting the duration by dragging the Gantt bars. I would recommend clicking in the body of the bar rather than the edges. The edges will change duration, while the body will change the start and end dates. 

  • Campisano

    The problem is that usually the gantt bar is really short, so it's impossible to click in the middle of the bar. A great option could be to choose the gantt behaviour on click at the edge bar: change duration or translate start/end time.


    Thank you Travis,




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