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If checkbox is checked select this option from dropdown list

Ben Price
Ben Price
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Does anyone know how to write this formula correctly? 

Basically, I've got a "completed" column that is a check box column. 
I've got a "priority" dropdown column with several different levels of priority includeing "none" so that I can sort my reports via priority. 


I would like the priority column to go "none" when I check the completed button from a row. 


Sorry, I'm a little new to formulas and just need a little help getting off the ground here. 







  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    The problem you will run into is that you likely want the Priority column to be both manually updated and automatically updated. In effect, manuallly until it does not matter anymore. Smartsheet (or other apps with formlulas that I am aware of) don't do that. You would need some scripting or macro language to override the manual entry.

    Smartsheet does not have that (yet?).  There are third party tools that can do this for you, but this is overkill for this simple problem.


    What I do is have the columm with the drop-down be a separate column. Call it "user defined priority" - but there are more elegant names. The "actual priority" then resides in a separate column with a formula


    =IF([Completed]23,"None",[user defined priority]23)


    for row 23, with column names in [].


    Hope that is clear and helps.




  • Amy Johnson
    edited 01/18/16

    To build on what Craig said, you can have a formula that will show an option if a checkbox is checked but if you ever manually select an option, the formula will be removed.


    You could have a nested if statement which will show different options based on checkboxes, dates, status, etc - pretty much any aspect of your sheet. But, if you change the option manually, the formula will be stripped out of the cell. 


    Let me know if you need help with this formula

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