Does a range of dates fall between another range of dates?



I have a need to be able to highlight if a range of dates falls between any other range of dates.

I have a checkbox column which needs to be ticked if a range of dates conflicts with other range of dates.

So for example, we might have a number of projects running throughout the year across different clients and there might be an occasion where there is an office shutdown, or a change freeze of a product which means we need to know if this clashes with any organised projects.

So when a new 'downtime' date range is added, it checks the checkbox to let us know that it clashes with an existing project.

Please see the screenshot attached to see the layout required.

In this example I need Project 1 and 3 to be checked as the downtime clashes with both of these projects.

Does anyone know if there is a formula I can use to auto-check the box?



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