RTF in Dashboard Widget



  • Roland Horwood
    Roland Horwood ✭✭✭✭✭

    I thought I'd raised this before with support, but perhaps not.

    Have raised again and got the following response:

    "Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support. I understand that with the Rich Text Widget, there is a double carriage return in-between each line of text. I'd love to assist with this. 

    After reviewing and reproducing the behavior, I was able to confirm that this appears to be a bug that our engineering team is investigating. Although I cannot provide an ETA to resolution, I can confirm that this is being reviewed."

    I'll look forward to a fix. But difficult to believe that anyone who actually uses the widget within Smartsheet hadn't already reported the problem!

  • pjh
    pjh ✭✭

    Sadly, this bug still exists and Smartsheet still isn't owning it.

    I reported it (again) today and received a reply indicating that this functionality isn't supported and would be considered for a future enhancement (they said: "Upon checking and further troubleshooting, the single spacing ability in Rich text widget for Dashboard is currently not supported in Smartsheet. With that, I have forwarded an Enhancement Request to our Product team so that this functionality be added to the lists of future developments. We highly appreciate your input!")

    I'm disappointed in Smartsheet. This is functionality that used to exist and stopped working. That is the definition of a bug, not a future enhancement request!