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Images in Dropdown list

01/28/16 Edited 12/09/19

I have a dropdown list that contians three companies to indicate who owns a requirement in a requirements accountability matrix.  This works fine but now that Smartsheet can have images in a cell I was wodering if I could assign an image to each option in my dropdown list?  So, when I select a company from the drodown the image is displayed versus the text.


This is all for show but it would be really cool to have the companies logo displayed to indicate the owner verus text.

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  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor



    Not yet, that I have found. 



    There is API functionality that could do that.


    Sorry to be the messenger.






  • I figured that would be the answer but maybe it will plant a seed and this can make it to the roadmap for future development.

  • As Craig said, at this point we don't support images in dropdowns, but it is on the list for the future.  Would you like to have both the image and the associated text appear in the dropdown or just the image? 

  • I think that it would be sufficient to have the text appear in the dropdown and display the appropriate image in the cell based on the selection.

  • I'm also looking for a way to do images in dropdown.  Specifically I want a status column with a RYGGr image and then text. This is because the image itself isn't always clear to viewers what it means but over time it helps visually segment the data.


    For instance for the status of an integration if it is "not started", "in progress", "live" or "paused". As a workaround I'm considering two columns with an if statement but I don't think it will be as visually succinct as if it were a single column.

  • Mariena, right now the best way will be to use the two columns with a formula that automatically shows the value in a column when you select a value in the other column. 

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