Equipment Sign Out Form

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I was wondering if someone could help me build a sheet/form combination for signing shared equipment in and out of a warehouse environment.

This is the kind of functionality I'd like to get out of the sheet:

  • Users would be have their name and the date populated in a form automatically
  • Pieces of equipment that are signed-out would create an error for someone else trying to sign out the same item, until that item is signed back in by the original user
  • Users would be able to fill out a second form to sign an item back in that updates the row that the first form created when they signed that item out

And this is the information that each row would need to have:

  • Date of sign-out
  • Name of user
  • User's vehicle number
  • Location Destination
  • Equipment number/description (drop down)
  • Notes
  • Quantity
  • Date of sign-in for item return

Any help would be appreciated!