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Hours tracking conundrum

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I'm a new user who has completed my 1 month trial and had a 30 min session with a SS expert. However, I still haven't figured out how to make SS do what I want it to do. Specifically- I work for an 8 person consulting firm with an average of 70 clients at any given time. Sometimes one consultant works with one client, oftentimes there are a few consultants working on one client. The consultants need to track their hours on a daily basis, and attribute the hours to a specific client and task. The SS consultant suggested that I set up a sheet for each client, and then set up a report for each consultant. The consultant could then fill in their hours on their report, whick would then update the associated client sheet.


The glitch comes in when more than one consultant has hours for the same client and task as another consultant-- when they put in their hours for a task it would overwrite anything already in the cell. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to track hours by multiple people for the same tasks/projects while keeping a separate sheet for each project? At the end of each month, we need to be able to see how many hours are attributed to each of our 70 clients.


Thanks for any advice and please let me know if you need further clarification/information.



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    The Ptroblem here is that there needs to be a line for each consultant that is working on the task for the client.  I.e. if three consultants are working on the task 3 lined and an Assigned to column is needed so thatyou assign the respective consultant to thier respective line.


    I would possibly favour the other approach which is a sheet for each consultant.  They raise thier tasks and enter thier timings into thier sheets for each task with each client.


    Using reports then create Client reports that pull data accross all consultants sheets.


    You would need to standardise entry as much as possible to ensure the data is tenter the same way(spelling) in each.

  • Hi, I think you may have found your answer by now but this might come handy to someone who is browsing for solutions.

    We are using TrackingTime for Timetracking with Smartsheet. It takes only one formula and you can get timesheets and reports out of your data automatically. 

    Here's the link https://trackingtime.co/time-tracking-for-smartsheet


    Hope you find it useful.



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