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Calendar view showing indent hierarchy incorrectly..

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Hi there, 



If you look at the attached image you can see the issue I'm having - the issue is that the line items colored GREEN should appear directly under the gray "Universal masthead design / Tone / Messaging" bar since they are indented in underneath it - see task list on the bottom of the attached image. 


Instead the GREEN Items are listed at the very bottom of the stack. In other words - the hierarchy in the task list of the gantt view is not being preserved in the calendar view. 


Is there something I'm doing wrong here? 


Thanks in advance for your help!! 




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    I thought I had this reverse engineered, but something still does not make sense.

    I'll document my investigation so I won't feel like I wasted my time.


    Thought process starts here:

    It looks like the system is just showing things in a certain order, not based on the hierarchy.


    For a given day, the order appears to be:

    1. carry over from previous days

    2. parent tasks (not the same as the summary task, which the system seems to only refer the highest parent, not each of the sub-parents)

    3. anything that starts today, in the row order of the sheet. (this is wrong)

    3. anything that starts today, in the order of the parent tasks. (this is wrong too)


    If you shift the start of the Internal round one day, you get this:



    So that should mean

    - universal is order rule #1

    - exploratary is next because of order rule #2


    If my first order rule #3 above was correct, then Internal round should be next for me, but it isn't.

    If my second order rule #3 above was correct, then Present/Review R1 should be above Internal round for you ... but it isn't.


    So I'm missing a rule or rather what #3 is.

    But I think that rule #1 and rule #2 are the ones that ultimately kill the idea that the calendar should be displaying a hierarchy. 

    What you will end up with will be a row at the top and a row at the bottom, but blank rows in between.


    I look forward to a real Smartsheet employee's answer.






  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Everyone! 


    The calendar follows a "best fit" rule when ordering tasks. This means, hierarchy might not be respected when organizing tasks. Smartsheet will automatically organize the task bars to get a best fit of all the items in the view for the duration of the tasks.  

  • Jeff Pogue

    Is there anyway to adjust Calendar View to follow Hierarchy instead of Best Fit?  When I have very full calendars, this is crucial.  Or is there a Report that will do this for me.  I really would like to achieve what J. Craig Williams was attempting to achieve.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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