Created time is displaying as Pacific Time in Dashboard

JEarley02 ✭✭✭
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I have created a dashboard and added a report to the dashboard.  In the published dashboard, the "Created" time is displaying as 3 hours earlier than what the report and Smartsheet is showing.  How can I get the published dashboard report to display the correct timezone as is seen in the actual report and Smartsheet?



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  • It may be related to the timezone that you have set in your "Personal Settings".

    I switched mine, created a dashboard, published it, then switched mine back... and it appears that it held on to my old timezone setting.

    When you publish the dashboard, are you selecting the option to indicate the viewer has to be logged in to a Smartsheet account? Or anyone with the link?

  • JEarley02
    JEarley02 ✭✭✭

    The timezone in my "personal settings" is set to EST, which is correct.  The actual Smartsheet shows the correct time (EST) and the Smartsheet report shows the correct time (EST), however the published dashboard (web "link") shows the time as PST (3 hours earlier.)  Interestingly enough, when I'm in the dashboard in Smartsheets (not the published link), it is showing the correct time (EST) but the published link shows the PST. 

    The end user does not have to be logged into Smartsheet to see the published dashboard.  I leave the setting to "anyone with the link."

  • This one seems like a stretch, but...

    When you are viewing the dashboard, are you logged in to your Smartsheet account? Or are you logging out of your account (or using a different pc) before viewing the dashboard?

  • JEarley02
    JEarley02 ✭✭✭

    My end users reported this issue to me.  They do not have Smartsheet accounts and only have the link that I sent to them.  

    I've confirmed the issue by accessing the dashboard via the link, and also when I'm logged into the dashboard and select "preview" in the publish option window.

  • Sheryl P
    Sheryl P ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am having an Issue with Created time.   I have a formula that sets Date Reported to =created@row. My personal settings is GMT-7 Arizona.

    If I create something after 5pm MT - the created is the following date.  This impacts my ability to pull out specific records by Date Reported.

    Interestingly this morning - the same records seems to have adjusted - must be a process that runs overnight to make corrections ???

    Please describe expected behaviors. 

  • Jim Cochran
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    Has there been any progress or resolution to this? I am experiencing the same, but, I have shared the dashboard with a few people. Only ONE person is having this issue. We checked the PC timezone, that's not the problem. but the "created date" timestamp is 3 hours behind.