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I'm having difficult trying to report on metrics that would outline the following:

Identify the number of request types by project


For example, if you have 5 projects, all named differently and 2 request types (new/existing) and you wanted to report in a sheet, to then carry over to a dashboard the number of requests by project.

project 1 - 2 new request types, 1 existing

project 2 - 1 existing, 0 new request types

project 3...


Currently, I have a master sheet where data from a web form flows. I then have another "metrics" sheet where I have columns linked from the master sheet that I use formulas in. The formulas are populated in the metrics sheet and then linked to a master dashboard.


Any thoughts? Thank you for your support!





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    If you're finding your COUNTIF isn't accurately counting the desired values selected, it may be that the spelling of the criteria in the row doesn't match exactly with that which lives in the source sheet. You'll want to confirm the spelling is exactly the same capitalization and all. 


    Also, you may want to confirm the column being referenced for the Range is the correct column and contains the correct data. 


    Note: The dashboards are displaying as 0 because there are no values within the reference. 








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    Thank you for the reply.

    More specifically, what I am trying to accomplish is showcase of the various campaign projects, of those requests, how many are new versus a change request.

    For example, if project 1 has 4 changes, how many of those 4 changes linked to project 1 are new versus change requests.

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    Following up to see if anyone in the community may have any thoughts and be able to assist. Thank you!

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