Date Range Printing

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am having trouble printing a specific date range in gantt view. I've selected the dates, tried printing, but it shows the full spread and never reduces to the specified date range.






  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Simon—

    Printing the Gantt is ultimately based on the primary timeline display at the top. For example, if you use months for your primary timeline display in the Gantt, and you have a task that ends on December 1st, the entire month of December will be included—even if that leads to dead space when you print.

    To combat this behavior, adjust the primary timeline display of your Gantt to something smaller. (You may have to live with a little bit of dead space.)

    More information on Printing is available here (scroll to the "date range" section for details on the behavior I'm describing):


  • KimW
    KimW ✭✭

    I completely agree with Simon. Having only week, month, or quarter view is frustrating. My timeline runs from late May to the end of July, so the month view is the easiest to see. However, as Smartsheet doesn't let you view only part of the month, this means there is lots of white space in early May. It would be so helpful if better customised zoom levels could be included as a new feature.