Referring to a Cell in Another Sheet that Contains an Hyperlink


I am wanting to refer to a cell (or find a match in a range of cells) in Sheet 1. The cell in Sheet 1 contains a hyperlink.

What I get in Sheet 2, however, is just the text in the cell, not the text as a hyperlink.

Sheet 1 (contents of cell, text as hyperlink):

BUS 123 6Wk Online

What I get in Sheet 2:(text but no hyperlink)

BUS 123 6Wk Online

One of the formulas I tested in Sheet 2:

=LEFT({Course Master Record Range 1}, LEN({Course Master Record Range 1}))

I get the text, but the hyperlink doesn't "come with it".


It doesn't seem to matter what formula I use, they are reference the same cell (or range), and all I get is the text, not the hyperlinks.



  • Shaine Greenwood


    There isn't a way to preserve the hyperlink when referencing cells that contain a hyperlink with display text.

    You'd need to have the hyperlink without the display text in a cell. Here's a potential workaround for this:

    1. Create a new column
    2. Copy and paste all of your hyperlinked cells to the new column
    3. Right-click the cells in the new column and select Hyperlink, then delete the text (you'll have to do this to each individual cell
    4. Use a VLOOKUP function to return the hyperlink when the display text is found on that cell (more on VLOOKUP here)

    This will require that you have a "hyperlink" column in each of your sheets.

  • Erik Beltran


    Can you shed some light if instead of an external hyperlink i am pointing to a Smartsheet item?

    Would i need to get the actual URL of the Smartsheet item and then do the workaround?




  • Audrey512

    Shaine - I have a similar issue but not with display text. I have the full URL in my cells, but any time I try to reference that cell (whether VLOOKUP, or =[cell] etc.. ) only a portion of the URL is hyperlinked, so in the referenced cell, the hyperlink does not work (since it is not the full url that the browser is trying to find).

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Audrey512

    Can you post a screen capture of what you're seeing (but block out sensitive data)?

    As long as the full URL is displayed in the original cell and is clickable in that cell, a formula or cell-link referencing that cell should pull the full URL over as well.



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