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Help with Auto Number/System - Created By field

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I inserted a column where the type is Auto Number/System - Created By, but I am running into two problems.


1. The field auto-populates with email address.  Is it possible to auto-populate with user name instead?


2. When adding the new row through a web form, the field populates with "web-form@smartsheet.com."  Is there a way to auto-populate this with the username?  Or in the very least, with the email address of the user who submitted the form?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    The Created (By) system column will always show the email address but you can right click on the cell and select View History to see the name of the user.


    Yes web forms can auto-populate the user information. While editing the web form, go to Form Options > Accessible by > a registered Smartsheet user.


    This will require them to have a Smartsheet account and be logged in to fill out the form but will track their information when they submit the form. 

  • Beemer Bum
    Beemer Bum ✭✭✭

    Hi Travis, 

    Your reply @MetroBOS is enlightening, it is also a bit disheartening.  So, if my dev team needs to see who submitted one of the hundreds of bugs/issues/enhancements all of the submitters need licenses for us to auto-populate the field?  Seems excessive for me to buy a bunch more licenses to ebb and flow among teams as different projects within programs ramp up and down, when the dev team just needs to know whom to contact for any followup.  From my seat, it's a bit untenable...just need a name to go in the bucket automatically.



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