Export Smartsheet formulas to Excel for editing

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I have searched the Community and found that this has been an issue since at least 2015.

Smartsheet does not provide ANY way to edit formulas en mas. Hopefully someone can provide a solution.

I have multiple sheets tracking time worked and expenses based on date range, project and service.

Each column that totals time or expenses, covers a date range such as Feb 1-15, Feb 16-28, Mar 1-15, Mar 16-31, etc.

Each column has between 108 - 216 formulas depending on client needs/requirements.

Issues that make Smartsheet a royal pain:

1) Smartsheet cannot copy a column within a sheet, much less between sheets. This means I have to create a column, highlight all the necessary cells in an already existing column, copy them, paste them into the new column.

2) Smartsheet does not provide any way to edit formulas, that I know of, en mas. This means that I have to manually edit each formula one at a time to edit the date ranges I need. Yes I can edit the date range in the first formula then Ctl+C the date range, Enter, double click next formula, highlight date range, Ctl+V.

But doing this for 108 - 216 formulas in EACH column, on each sheet is time consuming, frustrating and subject to human error.

Additionally, Smartsheet cannot export formulas to Excel, or not that I've found. If I could export to Excel, I could then use Find & Replace.

Combine this with the new UI that is completely inefficient, causes more clicks to get access to items that were readily available under the old UI, and I don't know how much longer Smartsheet will be a viable option for us.

Support seems to make excuses for why many of these issues that many of us came to know as basic functions in Excel, have not been implemented.

Frustrating that what I once viewed as a wonderful, exciting tool, Smartsheet, has now become something I dread using.


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