Can Barcode Scan return Sheet Data and Auto Complete Form?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics



I'm working on a Sheet to help with our Kanban System.

As an employee takes a part from the Kanban Bin, we would them like to scan a QR code of the part taken via a form and the barcode reader on his smart phone, we have set up a test sheet using a lookup table of all parts (on a separate sheet "inventory") then used a vlookup in a "parts used" sheet to return the information relating to the part so this can be reordered. All this works fine... However it would be ideal if the form autofilled with the same information held in the lookup "inventory" sheet so that the employee could check the description matches the part used.

Q Can the form autofill or show the part description that the Vlookup returns in the sheet, at the point the QR code is scanned? I.E. Scan code, form auto fills with matching part description, Check, Add Quantity, Send?

Many Thanks