Issue w/ Rules - Being unsubscribed

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Is anyone having issues with rules and being unsubscribed?  With the smartsheet (server side) issues over the past few weeks, i've had a ton of sheets to re-do all the rules on because there is no global option for that.  


This week we are experiencing issues w/ the rules unsubscribing users out of nowhere.  As you know - you must be subscribed to a rule to receive that notification.  When you are viewing the rule, right click it and if it says "unsubscribe" that means you are subbed.

We are seeing the option "subscribe" even after subscribing.  Once the rule needs to activate (these are very basic rules to notify someone for an update request), it seems at that time it will unsub.  Just a pain to go thru this everyday it seems w/ these rules/notification issues.  We are about over using SS all together here at CK.

Any support on this would be appreciated.