Conditional Formatting for two end dates

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Just to be clear I only have one end date in my sheet.

The sheet has a conditional format set up to flag "At Risk" tasks when the end date has already passed. Here's the current formula: 

IF(AND([End Date]3 < TODAY(), NOT(Status3 = "Complete")), 1, 0)


I want to add another condition to flag the task when it is within 5 days of the end date.


Can anyone help me work this out? Thank you!


  • Nic Larsen
    Nic Larsen ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/19/19

    I wasn't able to combine into a single formula, but with an extra hidden helper flag column you could create conditional formatting to react to this flag. See if this will work for you:

    =IF(AND(TODAY() - 5 <= [End Date]@row, ([Status3]@row <> "Complete")), 1, 0)

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You could change your flag column to something that has more options such as a RYG type. Then you could use a nested IF to designate different statuses and have your conditional formatting based off of that. Something like...


    =IF(Status@row <> "Complete", IF(TODAY() >= [End Date]@row, "Red", IF(TODAY(5) >= [End Date]@row, "Yellow")), "Green")


    This will turn the ball Red if the Status is not complete and the end date is today or past due, Yellow, if it is not complete and the end date is within the next 5 days, blank if it is not complete and the end date is more than 5 days away, and Green if the status is complete.