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CSV import to My Smartsheet contacts


I cant import csv file to My Smartsheet contacts, I followed the instructions exactly. 

How has experience and give a tip


  • John Hammond

    It is important to match the requirement EXACTLY. 


    The columns in your CSV file must be formatted correctly. The column names of A, B, and C should be ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, and ‘E-mail Address’, respectively. Exact spelling is important.



  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Same issue here.  I created an excel file with the first name column, second name column, and email address column.  Then saved it as a .csv file.
    When importing it to SS, it fails saying that the file is not formatted correctly.


    The fix is to make sure that you actually have the column headers written out in your first row.  So...
    A1 = "First Name", B1= "Last Name", and C1= "Email"

    Row 2 is where your actual data begins. with "John", "Smith", "john.smith@abc.com"

  • JLE
    JLE ✭✭


    In french version it asks me to put for the column name

    Pénom, Nom, E-mail                      It dosent work

    I 've tried also

    First Name Last Name Email

    First Name Last Name E-mail

    First Name Last Name Adress Email

    Nothing works ....same message

    Any idea ?



  • tbecquet

    [ENG] Hello JLE,

    I've managed to find the solution (I use Smartsheet in french as well). The error message displayed when the import fails is indeed wrong : you have to create your CSV file by separating elements by commas (not semicolons) and use as headers " First Name,Last Name,Email ".

    It worked for me this way, I join the screenshot of the template file I used, opened in both Excel 2016 and the notepad.


    [FR] Bonjour JLE,

    J'ai réussi à trouver le moyen d'importer les contacts via fichier CSV dans Smartsheet (sur version française également). Le message d'erreur affiché est effectivement erroné : le fichier à créer est un CSV dont les éléments doivent être séparés par des virgules (et non pas des points-virgules) et dont les en-têtes doivent être en anglais " First Name,Last Name,Email ".

    Ce n'est probablement pas la seule bonne manière de faire mais en tout cas elle fonctionne dans mon cas. Je joins ici une capture d'écran de mon fichier correct, ouvert dans Excel 2016 et dans le bloc-note.


    Sans titre.png

  • JLE
    JLE ✭✭

    Great , I'll try 

    Thank you

  • cbrubaker54591

    You've got to be kidding me.. I need a description row in my 'csv' file??  Wow.. 45 minutes creating different csv versions and really didn't think I needed that in the first row.  SmartSheet... I'm sure I'm an idiot.. but could ya BOLD the "must be named" part of that instruction.. all I saw was I needed columns of those values.  If for nothing else I'm laughing at myself!  Thanks


    For those that are don't know what I'm talking about read my screenshot VERY carefully!


    Smartsheet Contacts Load Instructions for CVS.jpg

  • jill76376

    OK, I do this and all I get is the e-mail address, not the first and last name.


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