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Non People resource assignment

Hi Hoe do I assign non people resources to a task. e.g. a piece special equipment to do a job so that I can see the utilisation of the equipment.


  • For users, in your case, equipment you would need a registered user in Smartsheet for it to appear in the resource views.


    Only thing I can think of would be to run a seperate Samrtsheet logging the time for the equipment but this would not appear in the resource views.

  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy ✭✭✭✭✭

    See the reply by SoniaR in the "Non Human Resources" thread

  • Just create dummy email addresses for your equipment and add them as free users to your SmartSheet account. Then you can assign tasks to them on your sheets and they'll show up in resource views! :)

  • Free users won't show up in the resources view or reports as they need to be registered users. I think Richard needed that.

  • As long as they are added as users to your account, licensed or not, they will show up in resource views. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to pay for a bunch of licenses for accounts that belong to machines or equipment.


    You will need to be the system admin to be able to add users to your SmartSheet account though. In the upper left click Account --> User Management. This will show you a list of all users on your account, which ones are licensed, who the system admins are, etc...


    From here click the Add User button. Type in the dummy email address you set up for your equipment and then whatever you want to name the equipment. Once you click add, you'll need to sign into that dummy email account to accept the invitation email but after that you should be good and whenever you assign that equipment it will show up. ;)

  • Learn something new everyday!

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    To build on what others have said....


    The dummy email address only needs to be invited to be tracked as a resource - they do not need to accept the invitation to join the team. 

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Also, (and this might be in the thread Tim references), I use "non-people" resources to staff proposals and forecast stafffing needs.

    Works great.



  • Hi,

    This resource management would be ideal for my project but I'm not the Admin and cannot add users. Also, I would need to see how many of each item I have left in stock on a given date. If 1 item = 1 user I would have thousands of users. Or if 1 type of item = 1 user, I would not know how many we have left.

    Let me explain with an example :

    We're an event agency. I have 1250no. flagpoles, 17no. arches and 52no. towers in my warehouse. For an event, an employee needs 5no. flagpole and 2 towers. That employee needs to see if we have enough stock for the event on the given dates. He then needs to place to order which will update the inventory.

    Could any one help me?

    Many thanks.



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