Auto filling a Formula

Mark Case
Mark Case
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am using a formula to do a COUNTIFS based on Dates, a drop down YES/NO column and a name. 

I am wondering if it possible to auto fill the name portion of the  formula from another cell. 

The formula looks like this:

=COUNTIFS($Date:$Date, <=DATE(2017, 6, 30), $Completed:$Completed, ="Yes", $[Assigned to: Editor]:$[Assigned to: Editor], ="XXXX")


Is it possible to have the information that says "XXXX" in the formula above be auto populated from a name in a cell on that row?

So if I put the name "John Doe" in the cell [Assigned to Editor] row 3, the name "John Doe" replaces the "XXXX" 


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