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Webform: Request a Quote ID # (auto generated unique ID#)

Wanda T
Wanda T
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I am attempting to use Smarthsheet to automagically assign and return a unique id # to the requestor (without any intervention)



Sales Person:  Fills out a 'Request Quote ID' (webform)

SmartSheet, logs the request and returns the Unique identifier to the sales person for use in generating their quote.

**end interaction


I will then have a SmartSheet with a list of quotes generated (with some very basic information from the webform - customer, account manager, etc.)



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 02/19/16

    Hi Wanda,


    The Auto-Numbering system column can assign a unique number to each new row added. When a user submits a web form, it will assign a unique number to the row. The confirmation email will not include the auto-number but you can use the Send Row feature to send them the row (including the unique number) after the form is submitted. 

  • George Chatzivasileiou
    edited 02/22/16

    I am using auto/numbering as part of an internal requitition process. I believe what Wanda is suggesting to be a great addition to the capabilities of the system.


    So when a user submits a responce to a form, Smartsheet would allow on the back end a combination of fields and text instead of just text.



  • Hi Travis - I was familiar with the capability proposed; I wanted to remove the manual intervention.  


    George - I'm curious about your interpretation;  User submits a form. then the eMail confirmation of their submission includes the System Generated (auto field) number as part of the response (much like a mail merge).  


    Perhaps if the Auto Number field was included as a hidden field in the form ... hmmm?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Have you used Zapier before?  Zapier is an app that can connect web apps and perform workflows. 


    You could create a "Zap" that is triggered when a new row is added to a sheet (new form submission) then emails the email address entered in that row (by the user) the content of the row, including the auto number. 


    Zapier is a paid app but has a free version which might be sufficient for your needs. Check out https://zapier.com/ for more information! 

  • George Chatzivasileiou
    edited 02/22/16

    Wanda there is a very similiar thread about this. My "vision" would be not an email but rather the message that the user receives upon completion of the form to include the auto number.


    As Travis has mentioned on both threads a third party solution must be used to achieve this and only through email.

  • Yes I am familiar with Zapier, however as a consumer I'm tired of being nickled and dime'd when it involves a relatively simple functionality (already sending the submitter a 'copy' of their respones) and not a complex integration. 


    I'll consider the thread closed, thank you for the feedback.

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