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Is it possible to block out certain dates with a date field in a form?  For example, when the calendar comes up for March 2019, I don't want March 15 as an option.  Is this possible?



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    Hi Julie,

    Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment, but it's a great idea!

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

    It could be possible with an add-on or third-party solution.

    Would that be an option?

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Alejandra
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    As a potential work around, you could consider creating an update request rule to be sent when the date column changes to a specific date.

    For example, when March 15th (or any other date that you specify) is entered, an update request will be sent to the form submitter, promoting them to choose another date.

    Here's an example of what the update request rule could look like:

    Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 6.56.44 PM

    If your goal is to prevent duplications, you could insert a flag or checkbox column and then enter a formula that will flag or check the column if a date has been entered more than once. The formula would look something like this:

    =IF(LEN(Date@row) = 0, "", IF(COUNTIFS(Date:Date, Date1) = 1, 0, 1))

    You can then send an update request to the submitter when the flag or checkbox column has been flagged or checked. Here is what the update request would look like:

    If you choose to implement this workaround, you'll want to keep the following in mind:

    • You'll need to open the sheet daily and save so the formula will work.
    • Make sure your update request excludes the flag/checkbox column so people don't accidentally edit it.
    • Make sure your update request tells the submitter to specifically choose another date.
    • Make sure to lock the flag/checkbox column to prevent submitters from accidentally flagging/checking the column

    You might also want to consider publishing a report with the taken dates so that submitters can see what isn't available. A link to the published report can be inserted into the form by inserting the link in a Header/Description field.

    If needed, more information on this can be found in our help articles: