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Using a dropdown list value as default for new rows

Troy G. Biv
Troy G. Biv ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm creating a new task sheet.


One of the columns uses Dropdown List to set the value for that field. Most of the rows I add are going to use the first value on the dropdown list.


How can I set that value to be the "default" value for that field, so that it automatically displays, saving me from having to set it myself every time?


  • Atus Bartal
    Atus Bartal ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Dear Troy,

    You may put an IF() formula in the column with dropdown list to get the default value when something is entered in another column. If you change its value later to sg else (from the dropdown list), you can, but the formula will be deleted of course. 

    I've just tried this: =IF([Column1]1 <> "", "default", "")

    Hope it helps.


  • Amy Johnson

    Another option is to add this formula to each row:




    As long as that formula exists in the two rows above or below a newly added row, this formula will be added to the new row. 


    When a new value is selected in this cell, the formula will be deleted. 

  • Christian Wells
    edited 02/22/16

    Hi Troy,

    Another option is to use a "web form" for the adding of the data,

    In the form you can set a default value for any field, and have the for redisplay for the next input.



  • Ramsay Zaki
    Ramsay Zaki ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am trying the suggestions above but every time I add a new row, the formula doesn't copy into the new cell (this negating the "default" for new rows). Any thoughts? I have the formula in the 2 wors above and below as suggested above.

  • KLisk

    Agreed - I'd like to be able to have my task sheet act as a table does in Excel. I'm looking to do as little work as possible after I've set it up, therefore if I add in a new Task Name I'd like to be able to set default values for specific fields ie - Status = "Not Started", Request Date = Today() etc...

    Currently the only solution I see (and it works but will require updating later on) is to drag the formulas down to the bottom of my current task list (Row 50). When I eventually log more than 50 tasks I'll need to continue to drag the formulas down.

    I'm hoping that there's someone who can provide a better solution than what I've proposed.  

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