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Auto linking cells once populated by a web form

Chris Fox 25
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



I am trying to use a Web Form to populate a "Master List" full of 30 columns of information. I would like the info located on that "Master List" to trickle down into 3 different "Sub Sheets" that present only selected info from the "Master List". However I am having trouble getting blank cells to understand that once they have been populated they should link to the specific sub sheets. Is there any solution here?


  • Bobby Andres

    new blank cells cannot be cell linked. If you added data to the cells, saved, then deleted the data, you could cell link them. That being said, web form entries will be added to the next NEW row. If you do the above, the row will not be "new" (even if it is blank).


    I would recommend using Zapier which can copy row data from one sheet to another when a new row is added. 

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