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Audrey Larouche
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I developed a data uploader workflow in order to update a sheet with the information that is exported from another sheet. The way that I understood this tool is: depending on the settings that I will do, the target sheet should be updated with the information from the attachment file in the source sheet so if the information in the target sheet is A but in the attachment it is now B, the workflow should read the attachment and perform the modification accordingly and add the new lines if there is any. 

Currently I'm getting an error message that says: Add rows to target sheet: Value is not supported for this column type. Use objectValue instead and the lines where I did some modifications are not updated in the target sheet.

Does anybody have an idea on what can be wrong?






  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Employee Admin

    Hi Audrey,

    We may need to gather more information on your Data Uploader configuration and the data you are managing. From the error given, this may be related to a contact column and Data Uploader not currently supporting multi-contact columns. If this is the contact column type you are attempting to update, changing back to a single contact column type may resolve your issue. The inability to support multi-contact column types is something our developer team is aware of. However, I am unsure of any ETA of when/if this may be supported.

    However, if you are not utilizing a multi-contact column, I would suggest opening a ticket with our Support team at to allow us to dive deeper into the behavior seen.

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    Smartsheet Support

  • Hi Anthony,

    thank you for your response. Yes the sheet contains a contact column with multi-contact so it is probably the reason of my problem. 

    In the meantime one of my colleague showed me the DataMesh application which may be more useful for what I would like. Are you aware if there is a limitation about the system columns? I tried to develop a config that is using an auto-number column (Row ID) as lookup value and I also have an error message: Message: Error! Cells containing system values cannot be inserted or updated through the API, columnId : 7637558952781700. The config are attached. This was the only way that I can be sure to have unique information.