Report vs workspace permissions

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Hi all, can someone please verify whether the workspace-level permissions override the sheet or report-level permissions? For example, I have a user I'd like to have Viewer permission on the overall workspace but Editor permission on a specific report. He has Editor permission on the underlying source sheet (located outside of the workspace in question). However, he cannot edit the report. The only thing that helped was to add him as an Editor to the overall workspace.


Can someone confirm if this is the correct way permissions should function or if this is an error? Thanks for your help.


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Jaye,

    If you would like to keep this person as a viewer on the workspace but grant them editor permissions on the report, you could do so by sharing them to report individually.

    It's important to enter their email address as if your were sharing the report with them for the first time, instead of changing the the viewer permission setting. Once you share them to the report as an editor, you'll see two instances of their email address with two different sharing permissions —one is for the workspace and the other for the report. 

    When sharing a workspace with someone, they will inherit the highest level of permission. In this case, because this person wasn't shared to the report, they inherited the viewer permission assigned to them at the workspace level.