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For all of my projects I need to track the overall % complete for the project and individual areas. I currently have Smartsheet calculating this information and displaying as a % in a cell, but I would like to be able to show how the % complete has trended over time. Is there a way to show the individual cell history as a graph (change in cell value over time)? All of the data is already in Smartsheet within the cell history, but I have not found a way to show the trend without manually pulling the data from either cell history or saved versions of the sheet. 


  • Andrée Starå
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    A possible workaround could be to use a third-party solution like Zapier or similar to copy the row when the % Complete changes and then use it to show on a dashboard.

    Would that work?

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  • Paul Newcome
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    Are each of the individual rows tracking a percent complete, or are you using other data (complete vs incomplete) to calculate the overall percentage?


    I have a lot of sheets that require start and finish dates for thousands of rows of tasks. I use a Metrics Tracking sheet to pull how many are complete out of the total in comparison to the start and finish dates like so...







    I then use a COUNTIFS to pull a number from how many tasks have a finish date within the specified range and divide that by the total to get my percentage. I then use that table to build a chart on a dashboard for an easier to read visual reference.


    In the screenshots below you will see that I use Project Week Number, but each of those week numbers has an actual date associated to it elsewhere on the sheet.