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MultiFactor Authentication


Is there a way to use Google Authenticator with smart sheets as a 2 factor authentication method?




  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 03/11/16

    Hi Shannon! 


    If a user already created a username and password, then they will have the ability to log in with that username and password, even if they also use Google to log in.


    If the user NEVER set a username and password and has only used Google to log in, then they can continue to use Google and not use a username and password. If your Google account requires a two factor authentication, then yes this would use Googles two factor authentication to log into Smartsheet.


    Enterprise accounts can prevent users from logging in with a username and password and require they use Google. 


    Let me know if you have questions on this! 

  • aik099

    I think the question was about username+password login method. Does Smartsheet itself support MultiFactor Authentication now or in future?

  • waufman101186

    Is there a way to use google authenticator for multi-factor authentication? 

    Username + Password + code generated in google authenticator.

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