Formula off multiple columns

Sarah Thompson
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I'm trying to build a formula that works off multiple columns to give one of the 6 state pain scale results (No pain -- extreme pain). 

Here's my formula:IF(Cancel@row = 1, "No Pain", IF(Suggested@row = 1, "No Pain", IF(TODAY() - [Date Requested by School]@row > 14, "Extreme", IF(ISBLANK([Airline Contract Attached to Row]@row, "Extreme")))))

Cancel is a checkbox column, Suggested is a checkbox column, Date Requested by School is obviously a date column. Everything works fine until the Airline Contract Attached to Row column. It's throwing off the formula and giving an incorrect argument set result because it's not the right usage for what I'm trying to do. 

Basically we want people attaching their airline contracts to the row, but SS isn't going to know when something is attached, so the dropdown box for the Airline Contract Attached to Row column has 2 options: Yes and N/A. If they have attached it, they choose yes and I want the face to be happy.

I've tried using IFTEXT but it doesn't read it right and makes the faces happy all the time even if they haven't attached it. Not sure why. ISBLANK doesn't work either. Not sure why. Could someone assist with something they think might work for this? Thanks!


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