Flag if Multiple Dates in Same Column

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I'm attempting to set up conditional formatting to highlight cells if there are duplicate dates in the same column. (For a spreadsheet managing event bookings, want to highlight if multiple requests for same day)

I tried an IF/COUNTIF function in a new checkbox column but I keep getting #UNPARSEABLE.

- Column name is Mtg Date

- Formula I tried:  =IF(COUNTIF(Mtg Date:Mtg Date, Mtg Date1) >1, 1)

- Would then set up conditional formatting to highlight if box is checked

The ultimate goal is that if dates are entered that match each other I'd get a flag so that I can make sure the same room doesn't get booked. Any help?


  • L_123L_123 ✭✭✭✭✭

    your issue is you have a space in your column names. When there is a space in the column names you need to put the name in hard brackets.


    =IF(COUNTIF([Mtg Date]:[Mtg Date], [Mtg Date]1) >1, 1)

  • I didn't realize that was a rule! Thank you!

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